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Meeting and programing your new crystal friends

Cleansing your crystals

First cleanse the energy of your friend with some palo santo smoke. Light the palo santo till it turns red, shake it out and let the smoke wash over all sides of the crystal. We do this at the shop with every purchase so that as soon as you leave you have a crystal clear and it is ready to programmed by you.

Connecting to the crystal

Look at the crystal as meeting a new friend and blow on it gently three times. Then look at it and say “Hello Friend.” This brings the crystal's consciousness into your reality and lets it know that you are its friend now. Then you ask it what you would like to do such as “Please bring more self love into my space” If one does not know what properties the crystal has it is suggested to say “Please do what you do,’ We add this to every crystal programming at the end. This sets up the crystal and only needs to be done once.

Using your crystal

Everyone is different and uses crystals differently, but what's most important is to do what you feel is right with your new crystal friend. Place the crystal on an altar or anywhere that you will regularly see it so that you will be inspired to work with it when it calls. Being in your space it will regularly emanate the energy to you and your surrounding area. Holding it or keeping it on your person will produce a regular attunement of the frequency. Placing larger pieces next to your bed or workspace will have this energy regularly emanate into the space.

Come into our shop if you want to learn more, but most importantly enjoy your new crystal friends and blessings to you on your journey friend.

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