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Tanzanite, The Crystal for 2023

Tanzanite is the transformational stone for this year, blending the third eye and the heart together. As we have stepped into Taurus season, in the midst of mercury retrograde, there seems to be a lot of confusion in the air. Connecting to the heart space and seeing clearly with tanzanite will be very beneficial now and for the rest of this zodiac year.

As we all have gone through a lot of transformation over the past three years it seems as the main part the collective is working is accepting the shadows and incorporating the dark and light together. “Tanzanite will open a cascade of thoughts and insights, but will have one anchored in the heart's wisdom- Simmons.” By remaining centered in the heart no matter where someone is, light or dark, Tanzanite will help guide one through all the transformations that will take place this year. “Tanzanite helps by making the heart’s promptings more noticeable to the mind and connecting the circuit between the heart and the third eye- Simmons.” On Philips journey Tanzanite was a crucial crystal that helped him achieve claircognizance. One’s higher self and true heart have the same frequency and Tanzanite helped to identify what this feels like.

Tanzanite only comes from one place, Tanzania in the Congo, and recently it has been harder to come by ethical Tanzanite. All our crystals are Ethically sourced and we only deal with particular vendors that are usually directly from the source. Being so sensitive to energy the owner of Crystal Visions, Philip, can tell if the crystals and vendors have any energy that seems "off" and we do not work with them. We have some amazing pendants that are Tanzanite with Lemerian quartz points. We also have some beautiful rings that have tanzanite and Herkimer “Diamond” Quartz. The rings and pendants help to combine the frequency of source, third eye, and heart. This combination is the ideal tool to use this year and things can start to make more sense with clarity while wearing this combination.



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