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Philip Guiding Visitors at Crystal Visions: Your Path to Spiritual Discovery


Crystal Visions is a small yet sophisticated shop in the Ocean Beach area of San Diego, California. It is currently a one-person operation. From social media and accounting to daily sales and spiritual guidance, Philip does it all. Serving the community since 2006, Crystal Visions has always been a place of transformation, magic, and wonder. Philip acquired the shop in 2021 and has maintained its mystical portal, which invites beings from all walks of life to come find powerful tools, healing jewelry, and inspiration for their journey.


By Philip Berry

I have been drawn to crystals and anything related to metaphysics over the course of my life, but my story actually began on a relatively traditional path. After I graduated from high school, I received my first degree as an auto mechanic and worked full-time while finishing a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering. While finishing my degree, I developed my first startup around a mechanical back brace that would tighten if someone lifted something incorrectly. To stay in the SDSU Launchpad, Zahn Center, I got a minor in Economics to retain my status as a student. Winning “Best Mechanical Project” in 2012 and first place in the Lean Model Competition in 2014, I could feel my idea coming to fruition. But after two-and-a-half years working full-time on the idea, it all came to a halt when a larger company saw what I was doing and took the patent from beneath my feet. Try as I may, I did not have the resources to reclaim my hard work.

That was the point when I hit burnout, and soon after, I experienced a major spiritual awakening.  All of my gifts opened up at once; it was next to impossible to function and perform daily tasks. So I sought out advice from the previous owner of Crystal Visions, Suzy. She and I had already been friends for a few years, and because of Crystal Visions, I was able to dive deep and learn more about crystals and metaphysics. Upon seeing my burnout, Suzy knew exactly what was going on, and she told me, “You are a very powerful healer and incredibly psychic; you just don’t fully understand it yet.”

In this moment, I realized just how powerful crystals are at protecting and maintaining a steady, balanced energy field. And shortly thereafter, Suzy told me she was planning on retiring soon and said she wanted to pass the shop on to me. So I apprenticed under her for nearly three years and acquired the shop in 2021. It has been my mission ever since to keep the shop open as a beacon of light, continue to serve those seeking spiritual guidance, and lead open-minded souls to the right tools to illuminate pivotal moments on their path.

On my journey, I concluded that traditional education (with engineering in particular) prepared me to see how the world works in terms of math, energy, and numbers. But more importantly, it led me to become an autodidact and continue studying any subject on my own. These days, I dive deep into studying Astrology, Numerology, Human Design, Gene Keys, and nearly anything in the realm of esoterica. On my newfound path, I have become a Reiki Master, light worker, sound healer, and have been initiated into the Modern Mystery School. These are just titles, however; what I've really learned is how to surrender to Source and channel it through me daily. 

Crystals have been my main teacher and guides in life, conscious beings that they are, and they have instinctively taught me the most about energy. All of the answers we are seeking are inside ourselves—crystals just help us see them through the lens of vibrant Earth energy. Each crystal holds a certain vibration that attunes our human body to these subtle frequencies. We just have to open ourselves up to the wisdom they have to share. Over the years, I have worked with every crystal the shop carries to intimately understand their potential and intuitively guide visitors to the most suitable friends for their journey. It is my hope that they will show you how to connect to Source, live on a pathway of light, and become love yourself! After all, isn't that what we're all here for?


4966 Santa Monica Ave, Suite K

San Diego, CA 92017

Telephone: 1 (619) 255-5551

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