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Located in Ocean Beach in a wonderful building of hidden Treasures on Santa Monica Ave. Crystal Visions was founded in 2006 by Suzy Lambert, a native San Diegan. Philip Berry worked under Suzy for three years before purchasing the shop in February of 2021. Suzy worked with Crystals for over 25 years and has a lot of knowledge and experience that she passed onto Philip. Philip is an intuitive healer that works with Crystals, Stones, and Crystal Singing bowls on an intuitive level. Philip's has been working with crystals for over 15 years and is a certified reiki master. With a background in mechanical engineering Philip combines the logic brain with intuition and loves to help customers find the right healing stones



Being a Heyoka Empath, Philip can sense the energy of the stones and vendors. We work with particular vendors and stones that we believe will bring the most uplifting and healing energy to all our customers.

Once the crystals arrive they are also cleansed and charged:

Cleansed with sage
Charged with reiki energy
Cleansed and charged with Palo Santo
Charged with white and violet healing energy rays
Charged with quartz crystal singing bowls sound

Once these steps are complete we listen to our crystal friends and display them as they feel the best in their new space.

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Crystal Visions Annually Donates to the following Organizations

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  • RainForest Trust

  • Rainforest Action Network

  • Amazon Conservation Team

  • San Diego Humane Society

We support organizations that are working to heal the earth as well as our local pet friends.  

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