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New from Brazil! Trolleite is a very rare ascension crystal.  Its energy is very strong and packed with power a great manifestation stone.   When one uses Trolleite it can bring up cellular memories into consciousness.  It will help one go back and forward in time to see what has happened and what the future might bring.  


Trolleite brings in one's higher-self to help find their soul purpose as one gains knowledge from the cosmos.  Trolleite can bring new opportunities to one's consciousness that they were not aware of before.  It also works well with other crystals in one's collection as it can be a composer and mitigate the energy of others around.


Trolleite is an ideal stone for light workers and healers as it activates all energy centers and light channels, opening divine connection to increase metaphysical abilities.  It can help users anywhere they are on in their ascension path as it is a soft powerful energy that lifts one to the next level

Trolleite Tower

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