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    ♡ Healing Properties ♡ 

♥  Ignites self-confidence

♥  Calm, centered, grounded energy; spiritual grounding

♥  Offers strong protection & waves of inner awareness

♥  Enhances courage and resilience in difficult situations

♥  Supports manifestation process and knowing one's worth

♥  Protective powers

♥  Combines earth + sun energies

♥  Encourages confidence and individuality

♥  Instills persistent drive for accomplishing goals

♥  Great for leading others as it shifts internal focus to other people's needs


₊ ⊹☯  Chakra(s)   ☯⊹ ₊

☼  third eye

☼  sacral

☼  root


☾✩⋆  Zodiac Sign(s)  ⋆✩☽

✮  Leo

✮  Capricorn


Tiger's Eye is a solar stone of vitality, practicality and physical action- Simmons. It is stone to help one step into themselves and get things done.  Tiger's eye works with the first three chakras bringing life force up from the root and into the solar plexus to help take action while remaining grounded.


Tiger's Eye is a protective stone that was traditionally carried as a talisman against ill wishing and curses- Hall.  It is a great stone for the workplace as it assists one to accomplish goals and promote clarity.  It helps by anchoring change into one's physical body to bring forth more self worth and balance. 


Tiger's Eye is a great stone for those who function in the upper chakras and tend to be "spaced out" or uncommitted.   It combines the energy of the earth and the sun to bring in high spiritual energies to one using it.  It can also help one to decide what they need versus what they need.  It is a great stone to balance the Yin-Yang in one and energize the emotional body.

Tiger's Eye Necklace

  • These tigers eye pendants are wrapped in sterling silver with a length of 1” and widest point 1/4”

    Comes with 16", 18", 20", 24", or 30" solid Italian sterling silver box style chain.

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