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Tanzanite + Lemurian Quartz combined will strengthen the connection to Source Unity.


Tanzanite has a soft, feminine energy and ushers in a cascade of insights while still keeping the heart's wisdom fully intact. It connects the higher heart and third eye chakras to elevate conscious spiritual circuitry and knowledge from the Higher Self directly from the heart space. Lemurian Quartz partners with this rare indigo beauty to instill a soothing, shimmering consciousness that has been long lost by much of humanity. It opens a stargate that harbors ancient wisdom in the present, allowing one to easily find balance between energetic polarities in the modern world.


Tanzanite was a crucial stone that helped the owner of Crystal Visions achieve profound claircognizance. The Higher Self and higher heart vibrate in tandem at the same full-bodied frequency. Tanzanite tangibly identifies what this heart-mind unison feels like, while Lemurian Quartz drastically raises your vibration and infuses your being with the unconditional love and omniscience of soul consciousness.


Comes with 16", 18", 20", 24", or 30" sterling silver chain. 

Tanzanite + Lemurian Quartz Necklace

$65.00 Regular Price
$55.25Sale Price
  • The lemurian quartz portion is about 1: long and 1⁄4'' wide.  Tanzanite pieces are about ¼” on each side.

    Comes with 16", 18", 20", 24", or 30" solid Italian sterling silver box style chain.

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