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This combination of Tanzanite and Lemerian quartz Pendants will improve one’s connection to source and is one of the best combinations of stones for 2023.  The metal is solid sterling silver and they come with an 18 inch Italian sterling silver box style chain.

  • “Tanzanite will open a cascade of thoughts and insights, but will have one anchored in the heart's wisdom- Simmons.” 
  • “Tanzanite helps by making the heart’s promptings more noticeable to the mind and connecting the circuit between the heart and the third eye- Simmons.” 
  • “Lemurian Quartz can help one attain the balance, nurturing, loving, spiritual, and sensuous consciousness that has been long lost by much of humanity- Simmons.”
  • “ Lemerians open a stargate, anchoring ancient wisdom into the present- Judy Hall.”

Tanzanite and Lemerian Quartz Pendant

  • Metal is solid Sterling Silver 92.5%.  Comes with an 18in Italian silver chain.

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