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  ♡ Healing Properties

♥  Strong grounding and cleansing; manifests the spiritual into the physical

♥  Facilitates transition from alpha to beta states of mind (i.e., relaxation to concentration)

♥  Potent antidote for stress; absorbs electromagnetic smog and links to earth

♥  Promotes concern for the environment; ecological, Earth-inspired self-transformation

♥  Overcome hard times with equanimity; protects from negativity; even helps suicidal thoughts

♥  Excellent aid for chemo and radiation treatments; treats radiation-related illnesses (Hall 2007)


₊ ⊹☯ Chakra(s) ☯⊹ ₊

☼  earth star

☼  root

☼  sacral

☼  solar plexus


☾✩⋆  Zodiac Sign(s)  ⋆✩☽

✮  Scorpio

✮  Sagittarius

✮  Capricorn

Smoky Quartz Point Necklace

  • These smoky quartz pendants have a sterling silver loop drilled into the top with a length of 1” and widest point ¼”.  They are from our favorite family owned mine directly from Brazil.

    Comes with 16", 18", 20", 24", or 30" solid Italian sterling silver box style chain.

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