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Zodiac wheel made of selenite.  Perfect for gridding crystals, as standalone decor or a candle holder, cleansing your collection, or however else you desire.


These are perfect for one's desk to regularly cleanse and charge the space.  Selenite is what we like to refer to as " The sage or palo santo of crystals."  Selenite cleanses and charges other crystals or the space around it.   “Selenite is a calm stone that instills deep peace and is excellent for mediation or spiritual work- Judy Hall.”


Selenite also has many other benefits ranging from telepathy from two people holding different pieces, clear confusion to see the bigger picture, to accessing the akashic records to see what to see one's progress.


Selenite is fast and effective of cleansing the auric field, other crystals and the physical body.  Selenite is like a sponge in that it can be passed over the body when one feels something on them or to remove psychic hooks.

Selenite Zodiac Wheel

  • Zodiac wheel made of selenite.  Perfect for gridding crystals, as standalone decor or a candle holder, cleansing your collection, or however else you desire.

    Diameter = 7 inches
    Thickness = 1/2 Inch

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