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Selenite Spiral Tower

Selenite Spiral Tower




Healing Properties & Everyday Uses ♡

Selenite is the "sage or palo santo of crystals."  It cleanses and charges other crystals, as well as the space around it. Selenite is a calming stone that speaks of deep peace and is an excellent tool for meditation or spiritual work.


The flame shape of these spiral towers contiunasly moves energy in the space like a flame in a fire.  They are ideal for middle of the house, work place, or on your alter.


Selenite has many other uses, ranging from telepathy between two people holding different pieces, clearing confusion to see the bigger picture, to accessing the Akashic Records to assess one's progress in life. A group of six or more wands arranged around the body puts one into a mesmerizing energy vortex for potent purification and inward journeying. 


Placing a selenite tower near a doorway will cleanse anyone who enters the space. It is also perfect for creating a protective grid around the house, providing a safe and quiet protection field that blocks outside influences.

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