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Ethically Sourced


Our white sage is locally grown in Mexico. We get it directly from a sage farmer who grows with sustainability and intention in mind. 


Sage wands are a powerful cleansing/smudging tool that energetically clear the space in which they are ignited. This includes both “bad” and “good” spiritual energy. Burn with the intention of fully cleansing a space and then infusing the new energy field with goodness, light, positivity, and Source purity. Cleansing with palo santo afterward is always recommended as it brings one into a calm heart space stasis.


We suggest incorporating palo santo, natural incense, and at minimum, mantras, prayers, and words of positivity into your smudging ritual. It is also recommended to approach the ritual with utmost respect for plant spirits and elders who first discovered the powers of sage and other sacred plants. A little bit of sage goes a long way, and after it has cleansed many times, it is easy break it down into smaller pieces and burn in a seashell, urn, or whichever way to benefit from the entire wand.


When the owner of Crystal Visions first held a Prophecy Stone, he started meditating and had a prophetic vision. He was traveling the astral realm when he was beckoned to join a fire pit with three Navajo Shamans.  He was intimidated because their energy was very strong, but he sat next to them at the fire regardless. They told Philip that he is a shaman and said it would be acceptable to offer sage in his shop because it is ethically sourced and he guides people on how to use it.

Sage Bundle

  • One bundle of White Sage that is cured properly, grown sustainably, and wrapped with intention.  

    Size: around 6" long and 2" at the thickest point.

    Larger wands can be requested and are priced accordingly.

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