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Ruby Fuschite is the perfect crystal to carry with you during the New Moon and Solar Eclipse on Monday. There have been a lot of changes in the collective energy over the past few weeks. This stone will both liberate and rejuvenate the emotional body. Ruby Fuchsite transmutes negativity into self-love with compassion and helps you feel the fresh vitality of spring that its vivid colors convey. 


In the last few days, we felt the collective having some doubts and fears about what’s to come, and this can easily weaken Root Chakras of those vulnerable. By meditating and holding Ruby Fuschite between one’s hands or with a Mudra, it can increase Qi//life force and help you face the future by trusting the process. This stone pulls heavy energies out of the heart and aids the body in clearing the blockages by transforming them into personal power. 


When placed under ultraviolet (UV) light, you’ll see the ruby glow is stunning. Our Ruby Fuschite is ethically sourced from a wonderful family in India and is the highest quality we’ve ever found. They recently informed us this mine is out and they’ve now moved on to another, so get your special Ruby friend from this source while you can!



Solar eclipses are relatively rare and great opportunities for incorporating change. As the Solar Eclipse makes its journey across our continent in a few days, use the New Moon’s interception between the sun as inspiration to embrace your shadow in the face of change.


These rocks have fuchsia Ruby crystals with teal and white borders which swim within what is known as a mint green Fuchsite matrix. On a related note, we recommend watching or rewatching the Matrix Trilogy to shift at this time as well. 



Many Blessings,

Crystal Visions 

Ruby Fuschite

  • Tumbled Ruby Fuschite around 2x2 Inches

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