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    ♡ Healing Properties ♡ 

♥  Supports health of bones, hair, skin, and teeth; can help osteoporosis

♥  Grounding; removes disorder, confusion, idleness, dishonesty, and fears

♥  Great for focus & studying; encourages organized and coherent critical thinking

♥  Fundamental confidence for Libras; Swords energy; protects against computer & EMF stress 
♥  Ignites entire chakra column—'psychic vacuum cleaner'—overall cleanse & repair of auric field

♥  Harmonizes Spirit & physical body; enables manifestations with 5D consciousness


₊ ⊹☯  Chakra(s)  ☯⊹ ₊

☼  third eye

☼  higher heart

☼  throat


☾✩⋆  Zodiac Sign(s) ⋆✩☽

✮  Libra

✮  Pisces

✮  Aries


A great stone for the workplace, collaborating on projects, and any cooperative endeavors, as well as granting general mental clarity and cognitive enhancement. Rainbow Fluorite is great at helping students maintain focus while studying and calming for children as well. Fluorite is a highly protective, stabilizing stone that keeps the aura pure, radiant, and clear of astral contamination. 


Rainbow Fluorite is the perfect tool for grounding oneself, clearing the environment, and focusing on the task at hand. It helps by gently opening the door to the subconscious, helping one develop more self-confidence, conceptual grace, laser-sharp focus, and mental dexterity. Fluorite acts as a "psychic vacuum cleaner," clearing the subtle bodies of confusion, scattered thoughts, negativity, and any other contamination. This bracelet is excellent for channeling creativity when you have too many incoming streams of thought coming in, as well as honing in on higher order thinking processes and rational conclusions. Fluorite is an essential companion stone for the 21st century, and this bracelet contains every color, making it a balanced ally for information retention, memorization, meditation, channeling psychic information with rich clarity, and harmoniously linking the mind and heart.

Rainbow Fluorite Bracelet

  • Our gemstone Crystal Bracelets come in up to 2 different sizes—measurements are as follows:

    • 8mm with a total of 23 beads; overall circumference of ~8 inches.
    • 4mm with a total of 47 beads; overall circumference of 7 inches.


    They are strung on firm elastic bands that stretch easily to fit over one’s hands. These measurements are the standard sizes used for most gemstone bracelets. The elastic and stones we use are very high-quality, making our bracelets extremely durable in the long run.


    We have found that even smaller wrists can accommodate these bracelet sizes quite easily. However, we will include an extra elastic band with our 6mm and 4mm bracelets in case you would like to customize the circumference yourself.

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