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Ideal for meditation, mindfulness practices, cleansing conscious beings, clearing spaces, or harmonizing energy anytime one senses a disturbance in the peace. Just light one end and disperse smoke with intention. The smell is best described as "heaven-sent."

We like to keep some around the house and use it to purify tension in the car as well.  Resonates at an extremely high frequency, opening the heart chakra to the wisdom of unconditional love and self-acceptance.


Utilized in shamanism for centuries to cleanse and remove negativity, attract positive energy, and promote physical and spiritual healing. Regulates inflammation and supports the immune system as well. Scientifically proven to trigger the brain's relaxation response. Translates to 'holy wood' or 'wood of the saints.' Use for cleansing crystals, yourself, others, or spaces to achieve the ultimate state of healing, harmony, and mysticism.

Palo Santo

  • Each piece is about 5" long and 1/2" thick. 

    Ethically sourced from Peru. 

    This Palo Santo is only harvested when the tree is dead. Ten new trees are planted for each harvest, ensuring the survival of this sacred tree. 


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