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High quality Clear Quartz tower from Brazil. 

Clear Quartz is one of the most versatile healing crystals.  Clear quartz can be programmed with any intention to amplify it in one’s space.  Having a tower in one's space will keep the vibrations high and clear.  “Three of its key properties are energy amplification, programmability, and memory- Robert Simmons.”


We like to refer to clear quartz as “the spirit” as it connects to our higher self and brings in the purest intentions.  Having a tower at one's desk can help to bring clearer thoughts and maintain a strong connection to your higher self.  We also like to have a large tower in the middle of our house, a center beacon of light.  For some that are sensitive to sleep we do not recommend keeping clear quartz in one's bedroom, especially near the head, as it can be too stimulating.


Clear Quartz towers are also great to be center points for crystal grids.  Generator Clear crystals have six even sides and pull the energy that is around each side up and to the point on the top to make an egg shaped aura in the space with all the energy of the crystals around it.


Cleansing Clear quartz in fresh or distilled water for 24 hours removes any previous programs and prepares the quartz to receive the next intention.

Clear Quartz Tower

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