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  ♡ Healing Properties

♥  Dissolves karmic seeds & reconciles spiritual purpose

♥  Very high vibrations are extremely receptive to programming

♥︎  Filters out distractions during meditation to connect to Higher self

♥  Absorbs, stores, releases, and regulates energy, especially that of subtle body

♥  Raises vibration to the higher levels of clarity; master healer for any state or condition


₊ ⊹☯  Chakra(s)  ☯⊹ ₊

☼  harmonizes all chakras

☼  aligns the aura


☾✩⋆  Zodiac Sign(s) ⋆✩☽

✮  ideal for all signs

Quartz Point Necklace

  • These quartz pendants have a sterling silver loop drilled into the top with a length of 1” and widest point ¼”.  They are from our favorite family owned mine directly from Brazil.

    Comes with 16", 18", 20", 24", or 30" solid Italian sterling silver box style chain.

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