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Citrine pendant with gemstones in ascension design. Comes with 16", 18", 20", 24", or 30" sterling silver chain. 


   ♡ Healing Properties ♡

♥  Manifests financial abundance

♥  Invites in prosperity and optimism

♥  Warming, energizing, creative imagination 

♥  Overcomes procrastination and releases anger

♥  Particularly useful for environmental sensitivities

♥  Lights up creative imagination 

♥  Calls in prosperity, motivation, altruism, and optimism

♥  Powerful regenerator that shares the radiance of the sun

♥  Useful for group or family discord; promotes inner calm & wisdom


Citrine radiates the energy and passion of the sun. Like the gravity at the heart of our solar system, Citrine aligns our subtle bodies with the physical plane and unifies our most positive qualities with grace, equilibrium, and spectacular simplicity. Highly effective for energizing and invigorating the spirit, it will help you navigate decisions, individuality, and criticism with ease. It helps to integrate optimism into new experiences and reveals euphoria in everyday encounters, gently lifting away depressive tendencies over time.

Citrine Ascension Necklace

$55.00 Regular Price
$49.50Sale Price
  • Natural citrine pendant set in solid sterling silver. These are natural citrine directly from Brazil and not “heat treated amethyst”. They are 1” long and ¼” at the widest point. 

    Comes with 16", 18", 20", 24", or 30" sterling silver chain. 

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