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   ♡ Healing Properties ♡ 

♥︎  Relieves general stress and converts it to soothing energy

♥︎  Helpful for anxiety issues, quick tempers, and overpowering fears
♥︎  Regulates hormones, slows metabolism, and cools an overactive libido

♥︎  Eases sexual frustrations and reveals natural, authentic self-worth

♥︎  Balances yin-yang and integrates hemispheres of brain


₊ ⊹☯  Chakra(s)  ☯⊹ ₊

☼  throat

☼  third eye


༄*ੈ✰  Element(s)  ✰.ೃ*༄

☮︎  water

☮︎  air


☀︎⁺₊⋆☾  Planet(s)  𖥔⋆ ݁˖✶

✺  Sun

✺  Mars


☾✩⋆  Zodiac Sign(s)  ⋆✩☽

✮  Leo

✮  Capricorn

Blue Tiger's Eye Bracelet

  • Our gemstone Crystal Bracelets come in up to 3 different sizes—measurements are as follows:


     • 10mm with a total of 19 beads; overall circumference of 8 inches.
    • 8mm with a total of 23 beads; overall circumference of ~8 inches.
    • 6mm with a total of 32 beads; overall circumference of 7.5 inches.


    They are strung on firm elastic bands that stretch easily to fit over one’s hands. These measurements are the standard sizes used for most gemstone bracelets. The elastic and stones we use are very high-quality, making our bracelets extremely durable in the long run.


    We have found that even smaller wrists can accommodate these bracelet sizes quite easily. However, we will include an extra elastic band with our 6mm and 4mm bracelets in case you would like to customize the circumference yourself.

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