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    ♡ Healing Properties ♡ 

♥  Harmonizes heart & throat chakras
♥  Talisman for adventures and traveling

♥  Reveals soft, open communication and arbitrates differences
♥  Shows you how to effortlessly connect with others

♥  Encourages speaking the Highest truth


This is a stone of harmony, both within oneself and among other people.  It is an impactful healing tool for those who have a hard time speaking their truth, as it helps open up the throat chakra and synthesizes it with the fieriness of the heart chakra.


Amazonite greatly aids one in interpreting visions from the astral plane and dreams, as it intuitively reveals the symbolism of the subconscious mind.  It is known as a stone of truth, so the visions and dreams that stream in can always be trusted.


Amazonite also greatly assists one to empower themselves in authentically manifesting their dreams and desires. It will help you speak truthfully on what you really want, and the power of the Amazon will escort your wishes to the matrix with flow and grace.


Judy Hall writes, "At the physical level, it blocks geopathic stress, absorbs microwave frequencies, and protects against electromagnetic pollution."  It is a calming tool that balances masculine and feminine energies, as well as maintaining optimal health.

Amazonite Bracelet

  • 8mm Gemstone quality sphere bracelet.  8.5 inches in circumference A total of 30 beads per bracelet.  Handmade with a stretchable sturdy cord.

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