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Carnelian Bracelet

Carnelian Bracelet



𖤓 Properties: 𖤓

♥︎ Volcano of energy
♥︎ Drives passion
♥︎ Stirs creativity


Carnelian activates root chakra and brings energy, like a volcano, up into the solar plexus.  It is a powerful crystal to use when one is tired and needs that extra boost of energy to get things done.  "It is a powerful aid to those who wish to build their confidence, courage, passion, and power"- Simmons.


Carnelian can bring an influx of life force, creative energies, assertive will, or sexual enhancement.  Since it has a wide range of properties it is best for the user to program it with intention before wearing it.  This is done by cleansing the stone and then looking at it like a dear friend and speaking to it on what you would like to enhance.


Carnelian is "a stabilizing stone with high energy, it is excellent for restoring vitality and motivation, and for stimulating creativity"- Judy Hall.  The user can pick what type of creativity and where they want to focus this energy such as : work, artwork, play, romance, creativity, dance, and other activities.  Overall carnelian gives a great enhancement for all things life and can motivate one to be more successful in whatever avenue they decide to program it to.

  • Carnelian Bracelet

    8mm Gemstone quality sphere bracelet.  8.5 inches in circumference A total of 21 beads per bracelet.  Handmade with a stretchable sturdy cord.

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