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Crystal Visions: Metaphysical Store and Healing Space
Crystal Visions Logo


4966 Santa Monica Ave, Suite K

San Diego, CA 92017

Est. 2006

Metaphysical Supply Store for Crystals & Healing


Crystal Visions is more than just a crystal shop—it is a portal to the higher dimensions and unseen realms of the Universe. Since 2006, we have offered a place for diverse souls to come heal, learn, connect with ancient Earth, and shop for unique crystals, healing tools, and gifts. We cultivate a safe space that is gridded and regularly cleansed and charged with the purest energy. We call upon the angelic domain and ask them to bless each one of Gaia's creations that were hand-picked for high-frequency healing on your spiritual journey. The shop's energy is supernaturally serene, resonating in harmony with the subtle body & human aura, with each piece orchestrating a luminous energy field that is transformative to experience.

We carry a diverse selection of crystals, gemstones, fine jewelry, singing bowls, books on spirituality, tarot decks, and oracle cards. From tumbled stones to towers to large geodes, our crystals are hand-picked from across the world, and we choose only the best of the best. We are committed to working with vendors who source their crystals ethically to ensure that ours have superior quality, infinite consciousness, and the highest vibes that come from the depths of the Earth. 

The owner, Philip, has an intuitive understanding of crystals and their metaphysical properties. He is a Reiki Master and member of the Modern Mystery School. He applies his knowledge of engineering, energetic healing modalities, astrology, Human Design, Akashic Records, and modern mysticism to help inquisitive souls find the ideal tools for their healing journeys.

Many thanks to Suzy for founding Crystal Visions Rock Shop and bringing spiritual healing & psychic insights to so many people over the years. Her support, guidance, and invaluable mentorship are eternally appreciated.


Wednesday - Saturday: 12–6 PM

Sunday: 12–5 PM

Closed Monday & Tuesday​


 Check out our diverse selection of crystal singing bowls! Crystal Visions has been selling high-quality hand-finished quartz crystal singing bowls for over 15 years now—as well as handmade Nepali singing bowls.




4966 Santa Monica Ave, Suite K

San Diego, CA 92017

Telephone: 1 (619) 255-5551


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Blessings to you on your journey  â™¡ï¸Ž


4966 Santa Monica Ave, Suite K

San Diego, CA 92017

Telephone: 1 (619) 255-5551

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