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Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls

Crystal Visions has been selling high quality hand finished quartz crystal singing bowls for over 15 years. Playing Quartz Crystal singing bowls is the fastest way to change ones frequency and they are a wonderful tool to add to any space.  

High Quality Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls 

      Our Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls are designed to be sturdy, durable. and long lasting.  We generally carry sizes from 8 inches up to 14 inches, and we can custom order other sizes. Generally, the larger the bowl, the longer the sound will reverberate or sustain and the lower the pitch will be.  We have worked with the same company for the last 15 years and we order each bowl to resonate with our other bowls.

       The Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls are made from pure quartz crystal and are hand finished. The crystal is formed to shape with heat near 4000 degrees. The temperature is so high that any impurities are burned off. The crystal matrix is reformed using this manufacturing technique, providing a much stronger and sonorous bowl than you would get out of lower temp quartz glass mixtures.

       Recently there have been a lot more manufacturers of crystal singing bowls that are mass produced and we believe they are missing the most important part of the process, the intention. With the artisan working directly with each bowl each bowl has its own character and essence.  We have had bowls that are the exact same note, size and pitch and we have found that each one feels different because they are brought to life by the artisans.

       The musical tones of our Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls are incredibly pure sine wave sounds. The Quartz Singing Bowls are ideal for creating sustained harmonies and complex tonal structures with multiple in a crystal bowl set. The notes sustain for a generous period of time, making the bowls widely used for sound healing, meditation, and charging spaces. Crystal singing bowls are capable of cleansing and charging people, crystals and large spaces. 

       Our Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls have notes for all the chakras. These notes correlate with the Chakra system, a balancing system that is said to be affected by the tones related to the individual chakras. Each note can cleanse and charge specific chakras with pure quartz energy.

       Quartz is the universal crystal that is beneficial for healing, mediation, channeling, manifesting, and amplifying.  In its high quality state it is clear and has brings clarity to the user and when mixed with sound frequency it is the ultimate tool to upgrade the souring area when played.

       There are many different modalities using Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls for healing. The most important factor is that you take the time to get to know your bowl. Learning the best method for creating a good healing and relaxation environment.  We have all our bowls out so that you can come in and play them to  see which one feels like home to you. 

       Currently the prices range from $179 for a 8inch B note to $255 for the 14inch C note.  Each of our Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls includes a rubber O-ring, and a soft suede striker.  We also carry silicon wands, we prefer to play with, for an additional $25.






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